Madeira Backing materials

//Madeira Backing materials

Madeira Backing materials

Madeira embroidery stabilisers  for all kind of need


Product Description

The most important factor in choosing a backing is the type of fabric that is being embroidered, followed by style and stitch count. The stability or stretch of the fabric will determine the amount of additional stability required from a backing.
We offer a wide selection of backing materials in various configurations: pre-cut, in rolls and we even offer a cutting service to make your life more simple.

The most popular products are

  • CMX 7 (75 gr Tear Away)

  • CMX 80 (80 gr Cut)

  • CMX 5 & 50 (50gr Tear Away or Cut)

  • AVA (Water soluble foil)

  • WEB ja WEBLON soft Cut Away backing (50 gr )

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