Tajima TMAR-KC TYPE-2 series

///Tajima TMAR-KC TYPE-2 series

Tajima TMAR-KC TYPE-2 series

ACG Nystrom is the leading embroidery supplier in Finland.

We sell Tajima embroidery machines of cylinder type: 2-head, 4-head, 6-head or 8-head embroidery machines depending on your needs. Head interval is either 360 mm or 500 mm cc. The embroidery machines are also available with 15 needles per head.

NEW – The ultimate embroidery machine for even better embroidery quality!

The new TMARK machine is efficient with LCD display and a start-up time shorter than 40 seconds, it is easy to thread, providing a higher embroidery quality, variety from thick to thin thread and offers more variations for 3D embroidery, as well as opportunities for leather and thick fabric

Product Description

Multi-head embroidery machine with 12 or 15 needles per head

  • 6,5 LCD Monitor

  • new thin arm 44 mm

  • sleep mode

  • Windows Ce

  • up to 1000 rpm

  • 12 or 15 needles

  • networks


  • wide cap frame unit

  • border frame

  • led light


Download brochure (pdf) in english


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