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We provide comprehensive services on embroidery machines, cutting machines, industrial sewing machines, awning machines, welding machines and steam and pressing equipment.

Since 1905, we have stocked parts and serviced all kinds of machinery for the textile industry and thus built up a vast knowledge on different types of machines. Since we have a large stock of spare parts for most clothing and textile machinery and have good contacts with the leading manufacturers, we can quickly obtain the needed parts. We do everything to eliminate downtime and therefore increase your productivity!

We operate in the whole of Finland, either by servicing the machines on site at our customers, or through our partners. Another easy approach is to send your machine to us for service.


Embroidery & Sewing machines Service
Guido Amoroso
+358 (0)405304939
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Metalic Industry & Cutters Service
Jukka Nättinen
+358 (0)408313980


Stock & Spare Parts
Harri Puustinen